The Unlearning Curve | Adam C. Hall

Today on The Soul Frequency I sat down with the wonderful Adam C. Hall to discuss his journey to rediscovering his true nature. In April 2012, Adam was meditating when his spirit guides appeared and took him on a deep journey. This journey taught him to connect with a new energetic field away from his body and linear mind. Adam met with an ascended master who taught him about his own truths and the thirteen universal wisdom teachings Adam relays in his book Devine Genius: The Unlearning Curve.

Now Adam works as an author, speaker, futurist, social architect, impact investor and advisor, and conservationist, to help others on their spiritual journeys and transformations.

In this conversation we learn about Adam’s life prior to his personal transformation and how he lived as a corporate businessman. We learn about his journey to who he is now, the lessons he learned along the way, and how important it is to listen to the universe when it calls. Adam also shares one wisdom teaching from his book and where we can find him and his work.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Adam’s journey and the lessons we can learn from it, then listen to the episode below.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:49) Introducing today’s guest, Adam C Hall.
(04:47) Adam’s life prior to his personal transformation.
(12:26) Personal transformation and the value of the journey.
(16:37) 2012: The year of prophecy and great change.
(22:10) When the universe calls you to a spiritual location.
(26:28) Forgiveness. One wisdom teaching from Adam’s book, Devine Genius: The Unlearning Curve.

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