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The Myths Of Spirituality | Christine Upchurch

The Myths Of Spirituality – Regarding spirituality, what’s real and what isn’t?

That’s what this episode of the Soul Frequency Podcast is all about.

I mean, we talk about Spirit all the time around these parts. But today, my guest and I have a deep-dive conversation about the myths around the woo-woo and how to filter out ‘fake news’ spirituality. These days, it’s more important than ever to seek and find our truth. THE truth. Truth with a capital T.

Christine Upchurch joins me in this conversation. She’s the creator of ‘The Vibration of Change’ curriculum – a blueprint for transformation. Christine is a coach, healer, and spiritual myth-buster. She’s also been the host of an eight-years-running syndicated radio show. And she has been welcomed as a guest on countless others.

However, she started as a material girl in the material world…

She chose an envious career as a statistician analyzing clinical trials in conventional Western medical research – and found success! But soon lymphoma peeked through, and Christine faced the prognosis of long-term chemotherapy.

She wanted a different life plan.

So, she healed herself – without any medical treatment – and her life changed from numbers to intuition.

How? Well, I’ll let Christine tell you all about it… Click the play button to listen to this episode.


Click the play button to listen to this episode.

What you’ll find inside this episode…

  • Healing is co-creative – ease off the steering wheel!
  • How your ‘positive thinking’ may be getting in the way…
  • STOP! You’re resisting reality…
  • Curiosity-guided spirituality?
  • Is anger a valid emotion?


More high-vibe resources for you…

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the myths of spirituality


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