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The Emotionally Healthy Child

Parenting is a big job—that’s obvious.

Planning for school and ballet and three meals a day. Preventing the laundry monster from taking over the house. It’s making sure they learn not to burn themselves on the stove or climb out of a window or run into traffic. It’s making sure they’re equipped with tools and education to function in society when they’re grown.

But with all the scary things in the world of parenting, how can we raise emotionally healthy children into adults that feel confident, connected, and capable?

My guest in this episode is Maureen Healy, an award-winning author, speaker, and leader in the field of children’s emotional health. She’s got a new book, The Emotionally Healthy Child, which gives strategies to parents for helping their children grow up emotionally healthy. She also writes a blog for Psychology Today, which is read by millions of people around the globe.

But Maureen came from a family with a history of alcohol and self-doubt… And there was always something wrong.

She decided one day to break the chains and answer for herself one question…

“How can I be happy?”

 Her life led her to her life’s work—Maureen’s passion for children and their emotional health shines so brightly in our conversation. Her list of contributions in the field is long, and I’m delighted to share this space with her on the show. Click the play button to listen!

What’s inside this episode…

—Why logic won’t work with emotional outbursts…
—The recipe for emotional health
—The key to cultivating healthy expression of emotion (in kids AND parents!)
—Does emotion serve a real purpose?
—The Smart Choices Checklist

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