The Divine Child | Dr Emma Farr Rawlings

What do you think happens when you let your inner divine child lead the way?

A whole lot of awakening!

We often forget to be in the present moment—children are here to wake us back up to the divine possibility all around us with every breath. Kids are born with this innate wisdom, and if we can give them the opportunity to do so, they lead us to heal our own inner children. And from what they share, in turn, we can learn how to treat the children in our lives with respect.

Intertwined with their physical journey, children experience divine beings and other realms—imagination and possibility. Those things that we experience shape who we are as adults.

In this episode, I have a lovely chat with Dr. Emma Farr Rawlings, author of The Divine Child.

When I read through The Divine Child, I just couldn’t put it down! It’s overflowing with personal stories of Emma’s childhood along with interviews with kids over many years.

Emma is a psychotherapist and master-certified coach who participates in eco-social activism and advocates for children. Emma believes that by investing in the divinity of all children, we create a healthier Earth and a healthier humanity. Over her time spent with little ones through her career, she’s learned about how to create a safe space for them to talk about their experiences without being told, “It’s not real.”

Listen to this episode to learn about how children share their wisdom in every moment—if we’re willing to listen—and how our own divine inner children have never stopped sharing with us.

In this podcast episode:

—Emma’s childhood trauma and how her life has led her to write The Divine Child
—The process of healing our own inner children as adults
—Honoring and respecting the divinity of children
—Creating a gentle and safe space for our divine children to speak
—And some incredible wisdom shared by children to bring us back to our spiritual truths!

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