The Book Writing Retreat | Teresa de Grosbois

I see you out there, those of you who want to write a book. I feel those vibes. I hear from so many of you that you have a story that you want to share. Writing a book is daunting which is why I am so excited to introduce today’s guest, Teresa De Grosbois.

Teresa is a four-time international best-selling author, and teaches marketing courses to business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world, on how to create successful word-of-mouth campaigns. She heads up the Evolutionary Business Council, a member-based organization that empowers changemakers to create profitable, impactful businesses that have a lasting transformational impact on the individuals they serve.

Teresa is on the podcast today to discuss her journey to becoming a bestselling author, talk about her amazing upcoming writing retreat, and to offer an extremely generous discount code to The Soul Frequency listeners. In this conversation, we talk about all of the things that go into writing a book and what it can do for your life.

If you’re writing a book or feeling the call to write a book then listen to the episode below.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(01:20) Introducing today’s guest, Teresa de Grosbois.
(04:30) Teresa’s journey to becoming a bestselling author.
(07:43) Common challenges authors face in writing a book.
(14:20) Understanding different writing styles.
(24:10) Details on Teresa’s upcoming retreat.
(29:18) What a typical day in the Book Writers Retreat looks like.
(33:05) Vulnerability and writing.
(36:11) Speaking your truth.
(43:55) Who the retreat is for, and where to sign up.

More resources for your high-vibe life…

— For more information on the Book Writers Retreat visit and use the code Writers50 for a 50% scholarship discount.
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— For more information on Evolutionary Business Council visit:
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