The Big Dream List | Sherry Stirling Fernandez

We all have dreams, and dreams are exciting. It’s important to have dreams. It’s also important to write them down and put energy behind them. It’s important to put your intentions into the universe and ask for your dreams to be called into your life and your reality. Today on The Soul Frequency, I sat down with the wonderful Sherry Stirling Fernandez, to learn more about her book Life Mastery, and her program of the same name, that teaches us how to progress toward our infinite potential and ultimately, how to be happy. Sherry’s life story started with humble beginnings and against all odds she found success, not only financially, but in all eight areas of Life Mastery; physical, spiritual, relationships, education, motivation, lifestyle, and character. The Life Mastery Program is a result of her careful study of the principles of success, and a lifetime of practicing those principles. In this conversation we talk about dreams, the importance of writing them down, and how to overcome that voice in our head that says we won’t achieve them. We also discuss the keys to living a happy life, and how each Life Mastery area is equally important. If you’re interested in hearing more about Sherry and her Life Mastery Program then listen to the episode below. Once you’re done, grab a pen, and write your own Big Dreams List.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:49) Introducing today’s episode, The Big Dream List.
(03:25) Introducing today’s guest, Sherry Stirling Fernandez.
(06:07) The perceived rate of failure.
(12:03) Big Dreams List.
(18:13) Accountability, and showing up for your big dreams.
(21:09) How to walk your own path.
(24:29) The importance of a holistic life.

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