The 12 Chakras | April Pfender

You’re a multidimensional being—yes, you! And according to Reiki Master April Pfender, you’ve got 12 chakras—yes, TWELVE! You’re probably familiar with the 7 colors of the chakra rainbow, but that’s just in your body…Where are these extra energy centers? And what do they do?These transpersonal chakras are the energy are that connects you and the world (and people) around you. They’re below and above and between you and others.I’m so excited to share this conversation with you. Before I even started recording the episode, April and I were already half an hour deep into a chat…This is groundbreaking spiritual work. This is next-level energy expansion! This is quantum healing. Get inside this conversation to learn more! Click play to hear this episode.

What you’ll find inside this episode…

—What are the Akashic Records?
—The five extra chakras—what is their function?
—Tuning into other realms…
—What’s special about the Divine Gate?
—Anchoring in and sending your energy out!

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