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I am super fascinated by card decks and all of the various readings you can get using a deck of cards as a spiritual tool.  We have talked a bit about this on the show and today we are going deeper.  It is amazing all of the ways spirit can speak to us when we are open to it. The coolest thing that I love about a card deck is how it opens up the doorway to insights.  You can begin to feel your way through the cards, get to know them, ask them questions, and get some powerful answers.

The tarot deck has always fascinated me and proved to be powerful in my own life.  I have so many questions about the history of tarot, how it really works. Basically, I want to know everything there is to know.

In this episode, we talk all about Tarot for the Wild Soul and a specific method for reading tarot.  I was fascinated to learn some of the things that came up in this episode.  Really cool stuff!  If you are curious like me, my guest today has an upcoming program that is a deep immersion into card theory, spreads, and readings. It is presented and taught from a soul-centered, trauma-friendly, evolutionary perspective; and you don’t need to consider yourself an intuitive, psychic or a seasoned reader to say yes!  It is for anyone who wants to learn the medicine the tarot has to offer.

In this episode, we talk about the notion that there are no bad or negative cards. We dive into the history of tarot, and the most effective way to use the cards for helpful information.

In this podcast episode:

—How to best use the Tarot deck
—What the Tarot deck is not good for
—The history of Tarot
—Dispelling the myth of “bad” cards
—How Tarot is helpful in working through trauma

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