your love list shanna lee

Sessions: Your Love List

Your Love List! 2 years ago I created 'My Love List' and you guys loved it so much that I wanted to pick up that topic again. This time with a twist! We will create YOUR love list and you can send in your favorite...

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waking up shanna lee

Sessions: Waking Up

This is the wake-up episode! Let's talk about waking up! I am sure many of you have been on this path for a while, some of you might be just finding this path and starting to take a look at your life. Listen to this...

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stop controlling me shanna lee

Sessions: Stop Controlling Me

Today we want to talk about how to 'Stop controlling me'. I get a lot of questions about 'controlling'. Especially in times of great change - where we are in - people feel out of control.   You can still send in your $1000 question to

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karma releasing shanna lee

Sessions: Karma Releasing

Today I want to talk about Karma Releasing - Super important topic. The next months we are traveling through a lot of intense changes. There is a lot of opportunity in this time. It is a secret time! You can still send in your $1000 question...

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activating your DNA

Sessions: Activating Your DNA

Today we want to talk about how to 'Activating your DNA'. This topic is really something that could be hours long, but we will try to condense it down and just to start this conversation. This is really important since we are living in a...

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soul flame shanna lee

Sessions: Soul Flame

Today I want to talk about the Soul Flame. There is so much growth and extension, and I am getting all this new inspiration. I will start focusing on different goddesses, ascended masters, and different messages that come through and will use the first episode...

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