self compassion shanna lee

Sessions: Self – Compassion

Today we want to talk about 'Self - Compassion'. Bridgette asked this $1000 question - "I just finished listening to Sunday’s podcast. I feel I have SO MUCH compassion for others, but SO LITTLE for myself. And I feel many of my friends are this way...

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real talk session shanna lee

Sessions: Real Talk

Today we want to talk about 'Real Talk'. I want to start with some real talk about what I have experienced. I wanted to share it because everything we go through in life, there are lessons and it is valuable. Even the most difficult things...

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the 3 magical keys shanna lee

Sessions: The 3 magical Keys

Today we want to talk about 'The 3 magical Keys'.  Have you ever heard about the 3 magical keys? These are the 3 keys of reflect, expand and grow. I also invite you to The Soul Frequency Experience! Go to You can still send in your...

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