6 steps to more self-love

6 Steps to More Self-love

We all know we must embody it. Self-love. We know the importance of self-love and the value of feeling at home within ourselves in order to live our best lives. Psychology Today writes about self-love in this way: “Self-love is a state of appreciation for...

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4 reasons we resists what we most desire

4 Reasons we resist what we most desire

Have you ever wondered why you feel resistance to the things that you desire the most? Here are 4 reasons we resist our own desires (and what to about it).   1. We need it so much that we repel it When we truly desire something with our...

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5 steps to fining your passion

5 Steps To Finding Your Passion

“People with great passion can make the impossible happen” -Unknown  So, what are some steps we can take to find our passion? We all have something that we are passionate about. That activity or cause that makes us jump out of bed in the morning with excitement ready...

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3 Catalysts To An Awakening Experience

3 Catalysts to an Awakening Experience

It is rare for intense periods of spiritual awakening to occur in isolation. When you examine significant periods in someone’s life to see when their level of awakening has shifted radically, you can often pinpoint a series of awakening catalysts or events that drove that...

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Healing With The Frequency Of Sound

Healing with the Frequency of Sound

Voice is a frequency and a powerful communicator of both energy and intention. Have you ever observed how someone’s voice can have a healing effect on you almost instantaneously? Humans have long observed the healing properties of vocal toning for centuries. What does your tone...

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