a self love journey aileen xu

A Self Love Journey | Aileen Xu

When you have big choices to make, how do you figure out the best path forward? Love – it’s high frequency, it’s expansive, and we all want it in our lives. But the love in your life all starts with YOU. With self-love. Aileen Xu joins me on...

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what is manifestation

What is Manifestation?

We hear about it everywhere these days. Manifestation. But what is Manifestation? People share stories about how they have manifested wealth, success, love and good health. And they inspire others to use their manifestation ability to create fulfilling lives for themselves as well. And yes,...

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Frequency of Love

The Frequency Of Love

We’re talking about the frequency of LOVE today! The big L-O-V-E! Oh, was that a typo? No, I really mean LOVE with the big, capital letters because this is a different kind of affection compared to the regular kinds of love we experience on a...

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How To Lean Inside By Jay Pryor

How To Lean Inside | Jay Pryor

I have always believed that if we could talk face-to-face, share our hearts and listen to the experience of one another with an open mind that we would find commonality.  That is how we truly transform in the most important ways.  How we resonate more...

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