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The Spiritual Side of Chinese Medicine | Jean Haner

Got a symptom? There’s an herb for that! But how much do you know about the spiritual side of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Amazingly, when you find that your life isn’t working for you, you can use the principles of TCM to uncover your true self and live out your potential…

There’s a whole other load of health benefits from the little-known half of Chinese Medicine, so I invited Jean Haner onto the show today to talk about the energetic effects of this healing modality.

Jean has been studying and practicing healing for over 30 years, and I wanted her to share with you a little bit of the universe of knowledge she has about the spiritual side of Chinese Medicine. Her book is called The Five-Element Solution: Discover the Spiritual Side of Chinese Medicine to Release Stress, Clear Anxiety, and Reclaim Your Life.

Learn about all the incredible far-reaching benefits of the five elements in Chinese Medicine—click the play button to learn more!


What you’ll find inside this conversation…

  • The map of how energy moves…
  • What can you read about personality through the face?
  • The five different elements of Chinese Medicine
  • Bring balance to your relationships!
  • Solve your problems with the five elements!


More resources for your high-vibe life…

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