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Spiritual Ninja | Janelle Christa

What does growth look like for you right now? How are you keeping in touch with yourself? When you don’t know your next step, how do you find it? Between a global pandemic and the tense atmosphere here in the U.S., things can feel a little shaky.

My guest today was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and her story includes dysfunctional relationships, affairs, divorce, and drug rehab… But then she chose happiness.

Her name is Janelle Christa. She’s a Hollywood coach, actor, producer, screenwriter, and creator of conscious entertainment.

I invited Janelle on today to talk about spiritual self-defense and transformation… She’s even written a book on it – Spiritual Ninja: A Guidebook for Energetic Self-Defense, Protection, and Connection in the Modern World.


Listen to this episode to learn more about becoming a spiritual ninja!

What you’ll discover inside our conversation…

  • What do when you don’t know what to do…
  • How to stay grounded when the world is changing around you…
  • Janelle writes and publishes a book during the pandemic!
  • What does a psychic attack look like? And how can you protect yourself?


More resources for your high-vibe life…

      • Get your free mini version of the book Spiritual Ninja at JanelleChrista.com
      • Follow Janelle on Instagram @janelle_christa
      • Download your 7-Step blueprint to powerful communication at TheSoulFrequency.com/Alignment

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