Spiritual Atheist | Nick Jankel

A spiritual atheist?

An award-winning author thought leader, and professional speaker got me a little bit curious if such a person could be real, so I invited him on to the show to tell me more.

Nick Jankel is an elite scientist and medic turned keynote speaker and writer. He’s spoken for audiences at Lego, Google, Kellogg’s, Smucker’s, and Fujitsu, to name a few. He now teaches others how to transform themselves, by creating lasting, sustainable, and positive change.

He’s also the author of Spiritual Atheist: A Quest to Unite Science and Wisdom into a Radical Life Philosophy. In his book, Nick shares the story of his spiritual transformation on the quest for happiness. In this episode of The Soul Frequency podcast, I pick Nick’s brain a little bit about what he calls the ‘balance between humility and hubris’ and finding release through ecstatic experiences.

In this podcast episode:

—Finding peace in a modern world of rapid change
—Balancing science and spirituality
—Nick’s latest book Spiritual Atheist
—Coming from a religious upbringing to becoming a non-religious spiritual thought leader
—Metabolizing life experiences

Resources for you:

—Visit Nick’s website SwitchOnNow.com – click “inspiration” for free things to help you on your spiritual journey.
—Buy Nick’s book Spiritual Atheist
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