Feel Powerful and Take Action

Everything is possible if you are willing to see the truth!

Shanna Lee…will make you think bigger, feel powerful and take action

If you’re looking for one of the most compelling motivational speakers who will uplift, inspire and connect with the heart of your audience…

As a business catalyst and professional manifestation coach, Shanna Lee shares with individuals, coaches, entrepreneurs and business leaders about the often overlooked and yet, critically important secrets to life and business success – the inner work.

She took her natural gift for speaking and presenting and then cultivated it over years to fully understand how to powerfully engage an audience, deliver a transformational experience and motivate them to take action.


“Shanna was fantastic!  I never realized what exactly was holding me back. I feel like I have finally been set free.”

“She made me think about myself and my business in new ways.”

“This was my favorite presenter of the weekend.  Powerful!”

“She taught me the most important part of my business.  The inner work.”

“I loved Shanna’s presentation.  She spoke right to the fear that has been holding me back in all areas of my life.   I will never look at fear the same way again.”

“I feel like I got to know myself better through Shanna Lee’s presentation.  Incredible!”

“She moved me to tears and with her story.  It reminded me of my own.”


Christopher Carter Smith

“I call Shanna a ‘Force of Nature’.  She is truly amazing.  Her presence and energy can move a room.  People are drawn to her.  If you want someone to speak at your event that will absolutely captivate and move the audience to be inspired and transformed, Shanna is the best there is.”

Christopher Carter Smith

Speaker, Story Strategist, Brand Expert
and Consultant for Fortune 500 Companies

“I had the privilege of seeing Shanna speak at ITN Live 2016 and she is a superstar! Her presentation was engaging, inspirational and deeply moving, uplifting everyone in the audience to rise to their potential and realize their dreams of becoming confident, powerful and profitable. Shanna leads with magnetic feminine energy while inspiring others to do the same.”

Maria Pascucci

Author, National Women’s Leadership Speaker,
TEDx Speaker and Media Personalitys

Maria Pascucci
Dr. Sandra Hanna

“Shanna is an electric speaker! A true professional.  I knew she was good, but she amazed me as to how charismatic and inspiring she was with my team! Best part of the day!”

Dr. Sandra Hanna

Doctor of Chiropractic, Oriental Medicine Practitioner
Founder of The Empowered Wellness Retreat


Unconscious Blocks to Success


You can learn the systems, structures, and financial models of a successful business, but why is that knowledge not enough? What is the key to success that no one is talking about? Shanna teaches us that the secret to success is not only found in the mechanics, but is found by looking within ourselves. Not just about how we think, but how we feel. This goes beyond mindset to the unconscious reasons people sabotage themselves, get stuck in fear, don’t take action, and ultimately block their own success.

Everything is Possible


For many people life can seem black or white. It can feel like there are only one or two options for any single choice to be made. Most people are unconscious about the limitations they place on themselves in every moment and how those limited choices are creating their life. Shanna powerfully shows people how to stop living in limitation and start living in limitless possibility, which decreases fear, expands what is possible and helps them to powerfully create their life.