The Soul Frequency VIP

Imagine a dream team of powerhouse wonder women ready to have the body, energy and life that they deserve; all coming together in one united front against the dark side of negative thoughts, fears, extra pounds and low vibe experiences. My mission is to help 100,000 women over the next year and a half transform their bodies and supercharge their lives by simply raising their frequency.

The best way to create massive change in the status quo used to be standing on a box in the town center yelling at the top of your lungs. Today, the best way is through a tribe of conscious women, but not just any tribe…

  • A kick butt,
  • laugh out loud,
  • share deeply,
  • grow immeasurably,
  • live consciously,
  • create wildly,
  • and transform courageously…type of tribe.

I love to share stories of what works, how to have the body you want, the dirty truth about food, funny adventures, creative living, ideas for healthy food fast, tips for conscious living and how to use your energy to create everything you want in your life.

Also, when I hold exclusive events, my Soul Frequency VIPs are the first on the invite list. When I offer special courses with limited spots, or cool free stuff the wonder women in this inner circle get advanced notice.  Plain and simple, you are my first priority!   Why? Because you’re family!

So, in short this VIP tribe is where you want to be.

If you want to end the struggle and be showered with a healthy dose of inspiration and love, click the button below and join our super tight inner circle so you can turn up your fun frequency!