becoming a healer

Becoming A Healer | The Soul Frequency Show #14

What exactly does the term “healer” mean? Certainly, there are many forms of healing and many modalities for healing. It can be said that each individual who works in a healing capacity does it in his or her own special way. They bring their own...

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Food and mood

Food And Mood | The Soul Frequency Show #13

What are you eating?  How are you feeling?  I have come to realize that these two questions have a correlation.  Not because I conducted an actual study, although there are many, but because I have experienced this first hand, and so have the people in...

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Skin Detox | The Soul Frequency Show #12

In this age of information about living a healthier lifestyle, we are quick to focus on our food, and all that goes into our bodies.  Important? Yes, absolutely!  What tends to get less attention is what goes ON our bodies in the form of lotions,...

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from victim to victor

From Victim To Victor | The Soul Frequency Show #11

I have been thinking over and over about what to write about this episode.  There are some topics that are hard to find the words to describe - either because they are painful and difficult, or they transcend words.  This is one of them. However,...

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Finding Your Voice | The Soul Frequency Show #10

Have you ever turned on the news only to become depressed by the state of the world?   Doesn’t it seem like movies get more violent and kids are getting into trouble at younger and younger ages?   It is all enough to make you...

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mystic medicine

Mystic Medicine | The Soul Frequency Show #9

Gone are the days of looking at health through only one lens.  We now know that all aspects of self must be explored and attended to for healing to occur instead of just focusing on the physical, or just the mental. We are living in a...

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stop fear

Stop Fear | The Soul Frequency Show #6

The f word is intense.   It is typically running people’s lives from the background without them even knowing it.  It is the reason we do or don’t do certain things in life.  It can rob us of our dreams and intentions, hold us back;...

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money consciousness

M-O-N-E-Y Consciousness | The Soul Frequency Show #5

M-O-N-E-Y.  Some say it makes the world go round.  Others say, it doesn’t grow on trees. Many people think they will never have enough of it.  There is so much energy focused on money, and often times it is not the most positive energy.  5 Types...

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emotional eating

Emotional Eating | The Soul Frequency Show #4

I am not sure I ever claimed emotional eating. Yet, in my younger years I was consistently using food to not feel painful feelings such as fear, anger, sadness, and disappointment. Through my deeply personal one-on-one work with women, I have realized that our society does...

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