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Miracle Episode

The Miracle Episode | Shanna Lee

The Miracle Episode  - Are you ready for some miracles?  There are so many things to be grateful for and so many happy surprises happening in these times of social distancing. In this episode, I brought together some of my amazing clients and friends to answer...

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broken body part 2

Sessions: Broken Body – Part II

Broken Body - Part II - Going ahead with the Broken Body - Part II (listen to part I here) I want to continue the conversation to bring it to the present day and where things are now.  You can still send in your $1000 question...

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A higher perspective

A Higher Perspective | Shanna Lee

Does it feel like the world is spinning?  Like a virus has taken over your daily life.  In light of many current events, we are being called to a higher perspective. In this episode, I offer some new perspectives on this important time in history. I...

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broken body - part I

Sessions: Broken Body – Part I

Broken Body - Part I |- This week I would like to start with a 2 part series, called the Broken Body. I have been guided to this and I want to show a case study on something I've been through with my own healing. You...

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Enneagram and Coffee | Sarajane Case

Enneagram and Coffee - I’ve listened to your requests! Today, I’ve got an incredible guest on the show, and we’re talking all about THE ENNEAGRAM. And if you haven’t heard of the enneagram, don’t worry—you’re in for a treat. I’ll give you a little hint—the enneagram is...

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feeling confident in relationships

Sessions: Feeling Confident in Relationships

Feeling Confident in Relationships “I identify as having an anxious attachment style. How can I feel more confident in my relationship? I trust my partner completely and I don’t feel that I have trust concerns at all. It's almost like I have unconscious worthiness issues.  I don’t...

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Biofield tuning with eileen mckusick

Biofield Tuning | Eileen McKusick

Inventor, pioneer, researcher, teacher—my guest on this episode has devoted her life to the study of the human biofield and the healing effects of vibrational sound. At 18 years old, Eileen McKusick found her mind and spirit dangerously divided… She grappled with bulimia and craved a different...

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fearing money and failure

Sessions: Fearing Money and Failure

Fearing Money and Failure - “My $1,000 question is around my block around money to step into my truth/change my career.  I have always had a belief that it is not safe to make a change let alone think about making a change in a direction...

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Stop missing your life

Stop Missing Your Life | Cory Muscara

Do you feel like life is passing you by? This episode is for you. My guest on this episode just released a new book called Stop Missing Your Life: How to Be Deeply Present in an Unpresent World. Back in 2012, Cory Muscara decided to take a vow...

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needing affirmation from others

Sessions: Needing Affirmation from Others

“All my life I’ve struggled at various times with needing affirmation from others. This could be through social media likes, text messages, and/or one on one personal interactions. I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts on how to reframe my perspective so that the need to be...

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