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Finding Joy Now Sessions

Sessions: Finding Joy Now

Many people say they want more joy in their life. What happened to our childhood joy? How can we make our daily activities joyous instead of just routine? Here are some tips for finding joy now. In this podcast we are talking about… Why joy can...

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Scalar Energy And Emf By Brandon Amalani

Scalar Energy and EMF | Brandon Amalani

What effect does modern living have on our bodies and energy fields? Could electronics and WiFi signals be causing mystery symptoms in people? Technology's invisible pollution has more impact than many of us realize! Let's learn about scalar energy and EMF. Here are some common symptoms...

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Power Of Words Sessions

Sessions: Power of Words

Words are always creating. The words we use, the thoughts we think, are putting energy out into the world. So we should think about why we use the words that we use and how to use the power of words. In this podcast we are talking...

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Forgiveness By Susan Bratton

Forgiveness | Susan Bratton

In this episode, Susan Bratton is back to talk about forgiveness! She’s a champion and advocate for all who desire passionate relationships. She’s been called the ‘Dear Abby of Sex’, having helped millions of lovers of all ages transform sex into passion. A few weeks ago, Susan...

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Body Talk Sessions

Sessions: Body Talk

Let's dive into the wisdom of our bodies and what kind of body talk we should have. Today we are talking about… The wisdom of your body A new paradigm for movement How to tell your bodies communication What our body talk is teaching us What if...

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Creating A Soulful Business By Amanda Shipe

Creating A Soulful Business | Amanda Shipe

Since I’ve grown my soulful business over the last years, many people have asked me how I did it. My guest for today’s episode is Amanda Shipe. She created a soulful business for herself, too, and opened the Mind Your Body Oasis in the Washington, D.C....

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Frequency Portals Sessions

Sessions: Frequency Portals

What do you picture in your mind when you hear the words "frequency portals?" Today we are talking about… How to imagine a portal What do you experience moving into a new portal Why we need to understand how to move to new frequencies My prediction...

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Flying High In Spirit By Carol Morgan And Roberta Grimes

Flying High In Spirit | Carol Morgan and Roberta Grimes

Mikey Morgan, 20 years old, was tragically killed in a car accident while out with friends one night. Everyone else in the car left the scene with only minor injuries. Mikey’s mom, Carol, grew up in a strict Catholic home. She didn’t believe in communicating with...

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Sessions: Touched By The Divine Sessions

Sessions: Touched by the Divine

Touched by the divine is when we are in full alignment with who we are meant to be in this world, are walking that path, and are in the highest good of all parties involved. Today we are talking about… The moments we are closest to...

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Sexual Soulmates By Susan Bratton

Sexual Soulmates | Susan Bratton

We like to label relationships as ‘complicated’ or ‘hard work,’ but as it turns out, the solution to an unfulfilling sex life is a lot simpler than you might think. Listen to this podcast to learn how to be sexual soulmates. Susan Bratton’s bedroom was dead....

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