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the schuhmann resonance part ii

Sessions: The Schumann Resonance – Part II

In this sessions' episode I want to dig a little deeper into the Schuhmann Resonance . I got a couple of questions about the chart and how to look deeper into this. I want to give you some more detail and take you through the...

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no more burnout

No More Burnout | Mary Hyatt

If you experience burnout, you’ll want to hear what’s inside this episode… Between chasing after kids, building a business, and keeping the laundry mountain at bay, for women entrepreneurs, burnout is all too common! My guest today teaches these women how to never experience burnout again. Mary...

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spiritual ninja

Spiritual Ninja | Janelle Christa

What does growth look like for you right now? How are you keeping in touch with yourself? When you don’t know your next step, how do you find it? Between a global pandemic and the tense atmosphere here in the U.S., things can feel a...

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free will do we really have it?

Sessions: Free Will – Do We Really Have It?

Do we really have free will?  How free are we to create anything in our life? I want to talk about it in the context of future predictions. Everybody is becoming more sensitive to engery. People are in mass connecting to deeper things cause people's...

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can you have it all romi neustadt

Can you have it all? | Romi Neustadt

Health? Happiness? Delicious marriage? Energy to chase the kids around and run a business? And feel sane doing it? Romi Neustadt believes you can have it all! My guest today is a former lawyer and PR executive. Romi left that high-stress life to become an entrepreneur,...

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questions to free your soul

Sessions: Questions to Free Your Soul

Today we want to talk about Questions to free your Soul. In this episode, I will share 10 questions with you to ask yourself to start feeling more free.  To understand who you are. You can still send in your $1000 question to and you...

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lunar abundance

Lunar Abundance | Dr. Ezzie Spencer

The Moon’s familiar face changes over 28 days, growing from the silent new into the mesmerizing full and back again. It’s absolutely magic… And for so many reasons! Her phases reflect back light – both the Sun’s and our own… In this episode, I invited my...

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the schuman resonance

Sessions: The Schumann Resonance

Today I want to talk about 'The Schumann Resonance' - this is a particularly good time to talk about it. For those who never heard about it: I will also talk about what it is. Link to track the Schumann Resonance - You can still send...

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Luscious Hustle

Luscious Hustle | Betsy and Laura

Betsy Milne and Laura Milne from Luscious Hustle join me in this episode of the Soul Frequency Podcast. We talk about how business and branding is transforming into a higher space… Nope, they’re not sisters… But their story is magic! They may share a last name, but...

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