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Transform Your Health by Dr Eric And Sabrina Zielinski

Transform Your Health | Dr Eric and Sabrina Zielinski

Surviving, thriving, and living to your fullest divinely inspired potential—that’s what health looks like. How do you get there? How do you transform your health? My definition of health has become broader and deeper. It now goes beyond counting calories, avoiding sugar fast food, and obsessing...

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Knowing It + Speaking It Sessions:

Sessions: Knowing It + Speaking It

There is a distance we travel from knowing things need to change to actually speaking those changes into existence. Today we are talking about… The time between knowing it + speaking it What to do when a new idea is rising to the surface When to...

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The Divine Child by Dr Emma Farr Rawlings

The Divine Child | Dr Emma Farr Rawlings

What do you think happens when you let your inner divine child lead the way? A whole lot of awakening! We often forget to be in the present moment—children are here to wake us back up to the divine possibility all around us with every breath. Kids...

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Behind The Scenes by Shanna Lee

Behind The Scenes | Shanna Lee

Behind the Scenes is an opportunity to pull back the curtain and be right in the middle of an Intuitive Frequency Coaching Session with one of my amazing clients. We did our first Behind the Scenes episode last September and got lots of love for the...

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Quantum Success by Christy Whitman

Quantum Success | Christy Whitman

My guest today wrote a book called Quantum Success . When I began reading her book, I literally stopped in my tracks when I read two sentences that were almost exactly the same as two sentences found in my book The Soul Frequency. What is...

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Co-Creating Your Life Sessions

Sessions: Co-Creating Your Life

Do you feel like you are alone on a hilltop? Life feels big. You always have support, you are co-creating your life - whether you know it or not. Today we are talking about...

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Raising My Soul Frequency by Dana Gaydon

Raising My Soul Frequency | Dana Gaydon

The idea for this episode happened one day as I was driving. I was reflecting on how a shift in frequency is so instantaneous. You may spend years getting up to the doorway of it, but stepping over the threshold happens in one moment. There...

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