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Dealing With Denial Sessions

Sessions: Dealing with Denial

Denial is huge. Everybody deals with it in their own life in one way or another. Let's dive deeper and talk about dealing with denial. Today we are talking about… Why we don’t confront the truth How denial is serving you How to be in truth...

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The Truth About Transformation by Part Ii

The Truth About Transformation | Part II

After a bit of a vulnerability hangover, I’m here to share more of my personal transformation story with you. Listen to Part 1 of The Truth About Transformation The birth of our son caused an identity shift in both my husband and me, redefining who we were...

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Disconnecting From Old Ways Sessions

Sessions: Disconnecting from Old Ways

Disconnecting from old ways will raise your frequency at a fundamental level. It also lets us see life in new ways and lets new things come into our life. Today we are talking about… The key to raising your frequency How guilt about growing will keep...

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Neurotransmitters For Weight Loss By Dr Anne-Marie Barter

Neurotransmitters For Weight Loss | Dr Anne-Marie Barter

I’ve helped hundreds of people to make peace with food (in other words, get to a healthy weight and keep it off). If you’ve been struggling with your weight, it’s probably not for the reasons you think it is…it’s likely because of brain chemicals—neurotransmitters. This isn’t...

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Creating More Time Sessions

Sessions: Creating More Time

I used to think of time as a 9 to 5 concept. My son's broken leg was the catalyst that made me rethink time and figure out how I could be creating more time. Today we are talking about… How to stop claiming you have no...

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Improvisation For The Spirit By Katie Goodman

Improvisation For The Spirit | Katie Goodman

What does improvisation have to do with fulfilling your highest spiritual purpose in life? When you’re improvising, you’re present in the moment. In this episode, award-winning comedian Katie Goodman chats with me about being the joy and fun wherever you go. We talk about the qualities of...

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You Can’t See What You Can’t See V

Sessions: You Can’t See What You Can’t See

This is all about perception - the way we see ourselves, and the way we see life. You can't see what you can't see! Today we are talking about… How we perceive life Why coaching or spiritual work is effective How seeing what you can’t see...

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Reconnect With Yourself By Connie Chapman

Reconnect With Yourself | Connie Chapman

What really matters? You. Yes, you! Learn how to reconnect with yourself. Life throws so much at us (usually seemingly all at once), and it can leave us disconnected from ourselves and feeling drained. Why does it seem so hard to keep balance? It can be...

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Jealousy Sessions

Sessions: Jealousy

Jealousy is an incredible teacher in our lives. It's an indicator of something missing in our life. Today we are talking about… Where jealousy comes from What to do when jealousy strikes The jealousy road map Focusing on the message not the messenger The emotional causes of...

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Hungry For Happiness By Samantha Skelly

Hungry For Happiness | Samantha Skelly

Are you hungry for happiness? What do you believe about your body? In this podcast, Samantha Skelly and I dive in and deconstruct diet. No, we’re not talking about the latest food fads, and we’re certainly not talking about counting calories. It’s all about self-love… and...

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