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a self love journey aileen xu

A Self Love Journey | Aileen Xu

When you have big choices to make, how do you figure out the best path forward? Love – it’s high frequency, it’s expansive, and we all want it in our lives. But the love in your life all starts with YOU. With self-love. Aileen Xu joins me on...

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divine timing shanna lee

Sessions: Divine Timing

I get asked all the time 'What is Divine Timing? Is it real? Can't I just make things happen when I want to?' Listen to this episode to hear more about this topic!   Come join me for the - What's Holding You Back? - workshop on...

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shanna lee predictions for 2021

Predictions for 2021 | Shanna Lee

What a whirlwind! What in the world is really going on underneath this pandemic? And where is everything headed? Society feels like it’s crumbling. Darkness is coming to light. It can feel overwhelming to see past the present moment and have hope for the future. No...

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my favorite books

Sessions: My Favorite Books

Today we are talking about my favorite books! There were different times in my journey - and I liked different books. This episode is all about those books and I have a lot of fun stuff to announce!   Come join me for the - What's Holding...

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inspired evolution

Inspired Evolution | Amrit Sandhu

What do you value in life? And how do you make choices in life based on those values? The conversation in today’s episode attempts to answer questions like these. When we find ourselves feeling uneasy or confused about our lives, we’ve made some choices that don’t line...

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pain is a gift shanna lee

Sessions: Pain Is A Gift

Today I want to talk about 'Pain is a gift'. We don't think about it like that very often - but it is. The gift of pain is also the beginning of the gift of transformation. Many people have gone through big transformation. Listen to...

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what is your life path number

What is you Life Path Number | Dr. Felicia Bender

Want to know what you’re meant to experience and learn here? Learn your Life Path Number! Practical numerology – it’s making magic in your everyday life that helps you understand what’s working, what’s not working, what your challenges are, and how to become your best you. My...

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understanding polarity

Sessions: Understanding Polarity

Understanding Polarity is the topic of this week's session episode. We are seeing, experiencing, and feeling a lot of this. If you really want to know how polarity is effecting our life. Polarity is the humans' ability to see either black or white, yes or...

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highly sensitive people

Highly Sensitive Person | Dr. Bianca Acevedo

 A lot of us probably describe ourselves as a ‘highly sensitive person…’ But what does that mean exactly? I wanted to devote an episode to talking all about sensitivity – what’s the science behind it? My guest on today’s episode is Dr. Bianca Acevedo. She is a...

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changing my name changed my life

Sessions: Changing My Name Changed My Life

Today I want to talk about how changing my name changed my life. And most importantly why I changed my name and the positive and negative of changing your name. You can still send in your $1000 question to and you may be featured on...

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