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karma releasing shanna lee

Sessions: Karma Releasing

Today I want to talk about Karma Releasing - Super important topic. The next months we are traveling through a lot of intense changes. There is a lot of opportunity in this time. It is a secret time! You can still send in your $1000 question...

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energy ugrades part III

Energy Upgrades Part III | Shanna Lee

Welcome back to the third and final episode of the Energy Upgrades series! If you haven’t listened to the first two parts of this, you can catch up on Part 1 here and Part 2 here, which are all about shifting your reality bubble and shedding...

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activating your DNA

Sessions: Activating Your DNA

Today we want to talk about how to 'Activating your DNA'. This topic is really something that could be hours long, but we will try to condense it down and just to start this conversation. This is really important since we are living in a...

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energy upgrades part II

Energy Upgrades Part II | Shanna Lee

There’s new energy in the air—I’m sure you can feel it. I don’t think a single one of us went unaffected by this year. 2020 has brought upheaval, uncertainty, and unsavory parts of society to the surface, and we are being called to step into our...

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the future is feminine

Sessions: The Future is Feminine

Today's topic is 'The future is feminine'. This episode I would like to touch on feminine leadership styles and qualities. We all lead in our lives in one way or another. We lead our friends or family or sometimes we lead our partner, or they...

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Engery Upgrades part I

Energy Upgrades Part I | Shanna Lee

Have you checked in on your reality bubble lately? What does it look like? That bubble is everything that comes into your energy field—and your perception of it. Most people tend to stay within the same bubble they were given for the entirety of their lives, never...

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which ideas to focus on

Sessions: Which Ideas to Focus On

Today's topic is 'Which ideas to focus on'.  This is a $1000 question from our community! Since this question comes up a lot I wanted to cover it here. "Sometimes with all of my ideas, I don’t know where to focus or how to funnel that...

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self confidence

Self Confidence | Dr. Aziz Gazipura

Getting good at something builds self confidence, right? Nope—it’s the other way around. You don’t have to wait to ‘get good.’ You can build confidence along the way on your journey! This episode is all about having the confidence in your ability to learn and integrate. Even if...

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soul flame shanna lee

Sessions: Soul Flame

Today I want to talk about the Soul Flame. There is so much growth and extension, and I am getting all this new inspiration. I will start focusing on different goddesses, ascended masters, and different messages that come through and will use the first episode...

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rodney flowers

Managing Mindset during Mega Change | Rodney Flowers

Ask yourself—how am I going to move forward in the face of adversity? What if you commit to trying again and again and again… or die trying? What kinds of doors do you think would open for you? My guest today is going to tell you his...

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