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is it intuition or anxiety

Sessions: Is it Intuition or Anxiety?

Is it Intuition or Anxiety? “I live with anxiety so I’m unclear if something is a gut feeling or just my anxiety.  I don’t know how to follow my intuition because I’m not sure if that’s what I’m hearing or if it is anxiety.”   Send your...

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the emotionally healthy child

The Emotionally Healthy Child | Maureen Healy

The Emotionally Healthy Child Parenting is a big job—that’s obvious. Planning for school and ballet and three meals a day. Preventing the laundry monster from taking over the house. It’s making sure they learn not to burn themselves on the stove or climb out of a window...

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giving to the wrong people

Sessions: Giving to the Wrong People

Giving to the wrong people. “The thing that keeps coming up for me is relationships. I give so much to people and love helping them, but often get left being used and alone.  I love helping others and believe it’s a gift but don’t know how...

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sacred plant microdosing

Sacred Plant Microdosing | Vlada Talan

Sacred Plant Microdosing - One day, I found an advertisement for ‘Soul Drops’, sacred herbs suspended in liquid. I couldn’t help myself—I had to try them. So, a few months back, I ordered some to give them a go. On the first night, my head hit...

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expressing my power

Sessions: Expressing My Power

Expressing my Power “My $1000 question is why can’t I embody and outwardly express the essence of powerful-ness and goddess-ness that I absolutely know is within?” Send your $1000 question to and you may be featured on an upcoming episode of The Soul Frequency Show...

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the story you need to tell

The Story You Need To Tell | Sandra Marinella

It’s a big deal to share what your journey has been like. It’s not easy to share the difficult moments you’ve had to make you the person you’ve become. I should know—it took me six months to get over myself, publish my book, and share it...

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stepping into your purpose

Sessions: Stepping into your Purpose

Stepping into your purpose - is what this week's session is about. We are upgrading, there is no doubt about it, as a community and as a human race. This is peeling back the layers of the things that are not in truth.  Listen to...

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Energy Protection

Energy Protection | Wendy Myers

Feeling overwhelmed by the outside world? Then this episode is for you. My long-time friend Wendy joins me in this conversation about energy protection. We talk about one specific way to shield yourself from the surrounding negativity.  Wendy found herself run down in her late 30s...

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I want to give you something

Sessions: I Want To Give You Something

I want to give you something. End of last year, I started to take these long walks in nature and it was really very cleansing. It came to me that I want to make this year more about giving and sharing. I am so grateful...

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spirit animal

Spirit Animal | Sarah Bamford Seidelmann

Has an animal ever changed your life? My guest in today’s episode is Sarah Bamford Seidelmann, author of Swimming with Elephants. Sarah was a physician that lived in hectic chaos, devoid of nature… until a walrus entered her life and changed everything! What do I mean...

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