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your love list shanna lee

Sessions: Your Love List

Your Love List! 2 years ago I created 'My Love List' and you guys loved it so much that I wanted to pick up that topic again. This time with a twist! We will create YOUR love list and you can send in your favorite...

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reprogramming unhealed trauma

Reprogramming Unhealed Trauma | Anastasia Gerali

Anastasia Gerali discovered the opportunity to free herself.  After experiencing her marriage coming apart, a business dissolving, and her health declining, she liberated herself from unhealed traumas and reconstructed her best life yet. Today, she’s a hypnotherapist and Transformation Life Coach, using the Rapid Transformational Therapy...

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downloads and insights shanna lee

Sessions: Downloads and Insights

Today I want to talk about Downloads and Insights! This year has been a rollercoaster! This year has been one of the most intense creative processes I have ever been in. Listen to this episode to hear more...

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spiritual side of chinese medicine jean haner

The Spiritual Side of Chinese Medicine | Jean Haner

Got a symptom? There’s an herb for that! But how much do you know about the spiritual side of Traditional Chinese Medicine? Amazingly, when you find that your life isn’t working for you, you can use the principles of TCM to uncover your true self and...

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waking up shanna lee

Sessions: Waking Up

This is the wake-up episode! Let's talk about waking up! I am sure many of you have been on this path for a while, some of you might be just finding this path and starting to take a look at your life. Listen to this...

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clint ober grounding

Grounding | Clint Ober

Feeling frazzled? It’s time to ground yourself—connect your body to the Earth and sync up with the electromagnetic field. We’re part of this planet, but our busy modern lives tend to disconnect us from nature—and what are the effects of that on our minds, bodies, and...

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stop controlling me shanna lee

Sessions: Stop Controlling Me

Today we want to talk about how to 'Stop controlling me'. I get a lot of questions about 'controlling'. Especially in times of great change - where we are in - people feel out of control.   You can still send in your $1000 question to

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the 12 chakras april pfender

The 12 Chakras | April Pfender

You’re a multidimensional being—yes, you! And according to Reiki Master April Pfender, you’ve got 12 chakras—yes, TWELVE! You’re probably familiar with the 7 colors of the chakra rainbow, but that’s just in your body… Where are these extra energy centers? And what do they do? These transpersonal...

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are you bracing for no shanna lee

Sessions: Are You Bracing for “No”?

'Are you bracing for 'no'? That sounds weird, right? There are so many ways in life we literally make choices that we don't have to hear a 'no' from somebody. You can still send in your $1000 question to and you may be featured on...

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debi silber

Trust Again | Dr. Debi Silber

When a loved one breaks our trust, the trauma on our self-esteem can prevent us from moving forward with an open heart. Of course, you don’t need me to tell you that—everyone has had their heart broken… But betrayal never visits alone. With it come shame, and...

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