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what i learned this year shanna lee

Sessions: What I learned this year

Today we want to talk about 'What I learned this year'. It's the last sessions episode this year! We will be back in January with more good stuff to come! Listen to this episode to hear what I learned in this crazy year 2020. You can...

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tina sams Herbal Medicine for Emotional Healing

Herbal Medicine for Emotional Healing | Tina Sams

The use of herbs is a healing modality from ancient times… And they can be helpful not just for physical ailments but for emotional and spiritual needs as well! Our guest today has been working with herbs for thirty years. Starting off as a hobby with her...

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discernment shanna lee

Sessions: Discernment

Today’s topic is ‘Discernment’.  This is a $1000 question from our community! Since this question comes up a lot I wanted to cover it here.  "Discernment - Good, mediocre or best choices? How do we really understand and make a great choice?"   You can still send in...

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shanna lee love list

Love List | Shanna Lee

We’ve already arrived at the end of the year, which means holidays, reflection, and preparation for 2021. Gosh, it’s been a wild ride, hasn’t it? In the spirit of sharing, I wanted to create a special episode for healing tools that I’ve discovered throughout the year that...

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compassion ascension connection

Sessions: Compassion – Ascension – Connection

Today we want to talk about 'Compassion – Ascension - Connection'. We are almost at the end of 2020. And I am reflecting back on this year. What is it what we learned in 2020? You can still send in your $1000 question to and...

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michael grosso miracles in the age of disbelief

Miracles in the Age of Disbelief | Michael Grosso

Do you believe in miracles? Extraordinary things happen, and they simply can’t be explained through the scientific tools we have available to us today. These phenomena occur all around the world, for people of all ages, all backgrounds, and all classes. If you’ve experienced something extraordinary, you’re...

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finding the blessing shanna lee

Sessions: Finding the Blessing

Today we want to talk about 'Finding the Blessing'. I hope you celebrated last week and I thought this time of the year is the season of blessings. This year might not have felt like a blessing to a lot of us. To some of...

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The upper room paul selig

The Upper Room | Paul Selig

Paul Selig wasn’t raised to be religious, and he had recently graduated from Yale. Spirituality took him by surprise—he asked to know Spirit, and Spirit showed up. Suddenly, he could see, hear, and feel the Source, and the academic inside him wasn’t quite sure what...

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your happy place shanna lee

Sessions: Your Happy Place

Today I want to talk about 'Your Happy Place". In many different contrasts. If you really know what makes you Happy - Perfect. If you don't know what makes you Happy - Listen to this episode! You can still send in your $1000 question to

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Vibrational Alchemy

Vibrational Alchemy | Gina Covel

After spending many years as a nurse, my new friend Gina Covel discovered the benefits of spiritual healing modalities… And felt the tug of her true calling. Pendulums, dowsing, crystals, oils—oh my! She jumped right in, curious and enthusiastic, and she soaked it all up. Today, infusing...

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