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Frequency Portals Sessions

Sessions: Frequency Portals

What do you picture in your mind when you hear the words "frequency portals?" Today we are talking about… How to imagine a portal What do you experience moving into a new portal Why we need to understand how to move to new frequencies My prediction...

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Flying High In Spirit By Carol Morgan And Roberta Grimes

Flying High In Spirit | Carol Morgan and Roberta Grimes

Mikey Morgan, 20 years old, was tragically killed in a car accident while out with friends one night. Everyone else in the car left the scene with only minor injuries. Mikey’s mom, Carol, grew up in a strict Catholic home. She didn’t believe in communicating with...

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Sessions: Touched By The Divine Sessions

Sessions: Touched by the Divine

Touched by the divine is when we are in full alignment with who we are meant to be in this world, are walking that path, and are in the highest good of all parties involved. Today we are talking about… The moments we are closest to...

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Sexual Soulmates By Susan Bratton

Sexual Soulmates | Susan Bratton

We like to label relationships as ‘complicated’ or ‘hard work,’ but as it turns out, the solution to an unfulfilling sex life is a lot simpler than you might think. Listen to this podcast to learn how to be sexual soulmates. Susan Bratton’s bedroom was dead....

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Rise Above Fear Sessions

Sessions: Rise Above Fear

Understanding our fear is critically important to every single thing we want to do in life. Here are some tips to rise above fear. Today we are talking about… How to manage big change without getting stuck in fear The inner workings of fear Why we...

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Real Immunity By Cilla Whatcott

Real Immunity | Cilla Whatcott

Struggling with energy or health issues? You need some REAL immunity! That’s exactly what my guest and I discuss in this episode of the Soul Frequency podcast. Joining me today is Cilla Whatacott, PhD, CCH. She’s the Co-founder of Free and Healthy Children International who is an...

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Ego Vs Soul Sessions:

Sessions: Ego vs Soul

How do I know if I'm listening to my ego or my soul? We feel fear about not making the right choice. Let's figure out ego vs. soul. Today we are talking about… How to know when your ego vs soul is talking How to listen...

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The Truth About Transformation by Part Iii

The Truth About Transformation | Part III

Feel like you're fighting with yourself? You just might be on the brink of transformation. What is already calling to you? What is that destiny you feel? You probably already know, but chances are, if you’re not living it, you’re resisting it! Listen to Part 1 of...

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The Frequency Of Love Sessions

Sessions: The Frequency of LOVE

Not just any old love, but LOVE. Let's think about a different level, a different frequency of love. As we raise our frequency we will see and feel more things that feel heavenly and amazing in our life. Today we are talking about… How I used...

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Spiritual Atheist by Nick Jankel

Spiritual Atheist | Nick Jankel

A spiritual atheist? An award-winning author, thought leader, and professional speaker got me a little bit curious if such a person could be real, so I invited him on to the show to tell me more. DOWNLOAD MIRACLE MEDITATION NOW! Nick Jankel is an elite scientist and medic...

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