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How To Lean Inside By Jay Pryor

How To Lean Inside | Jay Pryor

I have always believed that if we could talk face-to-face, share our hearts and listen to the experience of one another with an open mind that we would find commonality.  That is how we truly transform in the most important ways.  How we resonate more...

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Biofield Healing By Debora Wayne

Biofield Healing | Debora Wayne

Do you understand that energy is information? The frequency of that energy is associated with our experiences in life. Let's learn about biofield healing and how it can help with chronic health problems. WHY DO I STILL HURT? How is it possible, after everything you've tried,...

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Healing With Homeopathy By Dr Carol Lourie

Healing With Homeopathy | Dr Carol Lourie

Have you heard about homeopathy? They are natural remedies that have been used since the late 1800s and are much more than supplements and herbs! This week, I had Naturopath, Licensed Acupuncturist, Functional Medicine™ expert, and Homeopath, Dr. Carol Lourie on the show.  Carol has over 30...

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Inclusion, Empathy And Racial Equity By Rachel Rosen

Inclusion, Empathy and Racial Equity | Rachel Rosen

Ever had someone offend you or treat you like an outsider? Rachel's mission is to start a global conversation about inclusion, empathy, and racial equity. Sometimes feeling like an outsider could be from an intentional action made by another. Other times we are made to feel...

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Self Empowerment By Niki Gratrix

Self Empowerment | Niki Gratrix

What makes someone feel self-empowered? This is a huge question and one that many times goes unanswered.  Knowing exactly where self empowerment comes from can seem elusive, yet we are going to dive into the links between childhood trauma and how it relates to self-empowerment.  ...

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The Five Elements Of Chinese Medicine By Brodie Welch

The Five Elements Of Chinese Medicine | Brodie Welch

What did the ancient cultures know about health that we might be missing today? One of those things was the natural flow of energy in the body and how to free up our energy for better health.  Today, we are specifically talking about the five elements...

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Deep Love Rocking Relationships By Melissa Ambrosini

Deep Love Rocking Relationships | Melissa Ambrosini

Who wants deep love rocking relationships, and soulful sex? Well, this is a super simple one to answer!  Who doesn’t want to have more fulfilling, connected and loving relationships?  We live in a time of increasing disconnection due to the distractions of technology, the pace of...

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Awakening Your Greatness By Matt Gottesman

Awakening Your Greatness | Matt Gottesman

What is an awakening experience? This is a tough one to answer, as it can look different from person to person.  The common through line of awakening to your greatness is a change in perspective on life and an increase in self-awareness.  I don’t know about...

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Sensation Based Mindset Training By Brian Trzaskos

Sensation Based Mindset Training | Brian Trzaskos

Do you need a new shift and perspective? Then you'll want to learn about sensation based mindset training! If anything is in your way of living your best life and you want to create a new mindset, this is your lucky day, my friend!  There is...

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Essential Oils For Abundant Living By Dr. Eric Zielinski

Essential Oils For Abundant Living | Dr. Eric Zielinski

Do essential oils help you to live the abundant life? The answer is, yes, and they are pretty powerful!  Essential oils are nature’s gift to humanity.  Their powerful healing properties have been used since ancient times and yet, it is always important to learn to use...

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