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Essential Oils For Abundant Living By Dr. Eric Zielinski

Essential Oils For Abundant Living | Dr. Eric Zielinski

Do essential oils help you to live the abundant life? The answer is, yes, and they are pretty powerful!  Essential oils are nature’s gift to humanity.  Their powerful healing properties have been used since ancient times and yet, it is always important to learn to use...

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The Frequency Of Your Name By Shanna Lee

The Frequency Of Your Name | Shanna Lee

Does your name have an energy frequency? The answer is yes!  It most certainly does.  Every one has a name frequency. When we are born we are given a name that has an energy frequency to it.  We also have a birth date that has it’s own...

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Digestive Psychology By Caspar Poyck

Digestive Psychology | Caspar Poyck

Have you ever thought about digestive psychology? What do your emotions have to do with your digestion? It turns out that they have a lot to do with it.  How you think and feel may be affecting your health as much or more than what you...

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Mind Body Medicine By Dr. Kim D’eramo

Mind Body Medicine | Dr. Kim D’Eramo

You may have heard of the term MindBody medicine, but have you ever heard about the octaves of consciousness? This episode will have you loving MindBody medicine like never before and broadening your definition of it. This episode is going to raise your frequency and expand...

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Building Self Esteem By Clarissa Burt

Building Self Esteem | Clarissa Burt

Self-esteem is foundational to living a fulfilled life.  It is only by understanding how self-esteem is built that we can start being mindful about continuing to create an empowered life from the inside out.  Life is a reflection of what we feel inside. We literally change...

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Healing Your Birth Story By Anne Margolis

Healing Your Birth Story | Anne Margolis

What makes you who you are? It is a mixture of your soul essence, your spirit -  your physical, mental and emotional self -  along with all of the life experiences that make up your years.  This goes all of the way back to the time...

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Connecting To Your Spiritual Gifts By Dr. Joy Martina

Connecting To Your Spiritual Gifts | Dr. Joy Martina

Today, we are talking about connecting with our spiritual gifts.  It is easy to feel a lack of clarity or feel like it’s hard to decide on the next steps in life.  Only by connecting deep within and to universal energy do we find the...

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How To Stop Stressing By Megan Buer

How To Stop Stressing | Megan Buer

‘Tis the season of snowmen, snowflakes….and stress? It is a merry and happy time of year and yet, there can be some real stressors. Lets face it, stress is impacting us every day of the year in more ways than we probably realize. Let's learn...

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Illness As A Teacher By Ryan And Teddy Sternagel

Illness As A Teacher | Ryan and Teddy Sternagel

Throughout life, we will have many teachers that cross our path. Some that will make us feel like we are unstoppable and others that will push our buttons. But our life’s teachers are not only the people that cross our path; they are the things...

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Bio-Individuality And Quantum Biology By Teri Cochrane

Bio-Individuality And Quantum Biology | Teri Cochrane

We are talking all about bio-individuality and quantum biology. To break these words down into simple terms, we are talking about the uniqueness of each individual and how the conversion of energy in the human body works to create better health and the latest science...

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