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Stop Negative Self Talk By Andrea Owen

Stop Negative Self Talk | Andrea Owen

We are talking about shitty self talk!  You know you’ve done it.  We all have, but we are going to dive into the nitty gritty on how to stop negative self talk.  It’s so good to get to the bottom of this stuff! This week, I...

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Success Begins At Home By Johnny Tan

Success Begins At Home | Johnny Tan

The influence that a mother has over the life of their child is immense.  So many lessons learned, so much value and so much love. It's true that success begins at home. Imagine if you had nine moms? It reminds me of days in the past...

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Healing And Transformation By Dr. Keesha Ewers

Healing and Transformation | Dr. Keesha Ewers

Have you ever noticed there is a frequency to every conversation?  Some conversations are at a frequency that almost everyone would easily understand and would not feel resistance to integrating it.  Then there are conversations that carry some higher frequencies.  Conversations about consciousness, transformation, the...

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The Toxic Home Transformation By Ryan Sternagel

The Toxic Home Transformation | Ryan Sternagel

We are going to be talking about ways we can have a toxic home transformation.   The coolest thing is that you may have heard of a few tips, but we are going to share some surprising details that you probably have never heard of,...

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Speaking To Spirit By Bloom Post

Speaking To Spirit | Bloom Post

I have a lot of gratitude for what today’s guest is about to share with you.  She is going to be sharing about speaking to spirit, calling on greater guidance, and how we can be more connected.  The reason I feel so grateful is that...

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Dance And Transform By Christine Garvin

Dance and Transform | Christine Garvin

My own life story makes me think that it is very natural to move our bodies to the music, but sometimes the structure or expectation gets in the way.  Today, we are talking about our bodies, dance and how it can help heal the past...

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The Grounded Mind By David Gandelman

The Grounded Mind | David Gandelman

Have you ever tried to meditate and had your mind go wild?  Do you ever feel like you are not quite sure you’re doing it right?  I am sure most of us have felt that way.  If you have experienced either of those you are...

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Intuitive Eating By Katie Garces

Intuitive Eating | Katie Garces

Have you ever been on a diet? I bet at one point or another, you have in some form.  Did it make you feel excited, happy, free, joyful and self-loving?  Well, if it did you may want to stick with that. If your experience was not all...

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Universal Healing Tao Medical Qigong By Sarina Stone

Universal Healing Tao Medical Qigong | Sarina Stone

Have you ever felt been plagued by some physical ailment or had a mystery pain that won’t seem to subside?  Sometimes the health of our physical body eludes us and finding the root cause can seem out of reach….enter medical qigong. This week, I had...

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Archangels And Ascended Masters By Laura Powers

Archangels and Ascended Masters | Laura Powers

Have you ever felt alone and unsure of what choices to make?  We often feel like everything is on us and we have to navigate this life on our own. What if there are archangels and ascended masters that want to help?  It feels pretty good...

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