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On A Pedestal Sessions

Sessions: On A Pedestal

We are jumping right into talk about hierarchy and how we diminish our own power by putting people on a pedestal. Today we are talking about...

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Naturopathic Oncology by Dr. Heather Paulson

Naturopathic Oncology | Dr. Heather Paulson

Did you know that according to a report for the President's Cancer Panel (a three-person panel that reports to the U.S. president on the National Cancer Program) approximately 41 percent of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime, and about 21 percent will...

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Bring It 2019 Sessions

Sessions: Bring It 2019

I am so excited and ready for this next year. Let's talk about some prep you can do to "bring it!" in 2019. Today we are talking about...

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Medical Cannabis by Renee Richetto Grul

Medical Cannabis | Renee Richetto Grul

We are talking about medical cannabis and its benefits for chronic conditions. I believe all natural plants and substances have their place in healing and also should be used properly.  Education is key, and knowing your own body.  I wanted to have this conversation to...

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The Uncomfortable Zone Sessions

Sessions: The Uncomfortable Zone

Convenient and comfort is all fine and dandy; but if we can't push ourselves into the uncomfortable zone, we can't experience growth in our life. Today we are talking about...

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Consciousness by Mark Gober

Consciousness | Mark Gober

There are many people who simply want to see the science of consciousness, near death experiences and other paranormal activity before they will ever feel it is real.  Maybe you would love to see the science too because there is a great deal of it...

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Starting Sessions

Sessions: Starting

There's a fear that everyone has about starting something new. We think that everybody else has it figured out. You never become immune to starting. Today we are talking about...

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Intuitive Doctor by Dr Veronica Anderson

Intuitive Doctor | Dr Veronica Anderson

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your doctor see behind the scenes into what is really going to heal you?  Maybe you don’t need a whole battery of tests; maybe it is just one? A trained intuitive doctor can help you figure it out quicker. Special Guest...

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Call Me Crazy Sessions

Sessions: Call Me Crazy

Has anyone ever called you crazy? It's a triggering term that we should understand how to handle. Today we are talking about...

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Akashic Records By Ashley Wood

Akashic Records | Ashley Wood

Wouldn’t it be cool to ask your most burning questions about life to the guides and masters, and get powerful life changing guidance?  Well, it is possible and my friend Ashley Wood does Akashic Records Sessions.  She is going to explain more in this episode. Special...

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