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Starting Sessions

Sessions: Starting

There's a fear that everyone has about starting something new. We think that everybody else has it figured out. You never become immune to starting. Today we are talking about...

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Intuitive Doctor by Dr Veronica Anderson

Intuitive Doctor | Dr Veronica Anderson

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your doctor see behind the scenes into what is really going to heal you?  Maybe you don’t need a whole battery of tests; maybe it is just one? A trained intuitive doctor can help you figure it out quicker. Special Guest...

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Call Me Crazy Sessions

Sessions: Call Me Crazy

Has anyone ever called you crazy? It's a triggering term that we should understand how to handle. Today we are talking about...

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Akashic Records By Ashley Wood

Akashic Records | Ashley Wood

Wouldn’t it be cool to ask your most burning questions about life to the guides and masters, and get powerful life changing guidance?  Well, it is possible and my friend Ashley Wood does Akashic Records Sessions.  She is going to explain more in this episode. Special...

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Drama Sessions

Sessions: Drama

The vortex of drama might be the biggest drain on our energy - even when it's not our drama! Today we are talking about...

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Earth Wisdom By Dr Maya Shetreat

Earth Wisdom | Dr Maya Shetreat

Wouldn’t it be great to know the earth better, and understand its earth wisdom for us? Years ago we honored the earth as our teacher and its consciousness and knowledge. We knew ourselves and our connection to earth more fully, and now is a time where...

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Evolved Men Sessions

Sessions: Evolved Men

We are in a time of great change, shifting of roles, and awakening - with a lot coming up for everybody, including evolved men. It is possible for you find your own flow, and make a choice to be a balanced person. Today we are talking...

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The Power Of Getting Quiet By Elaine Glass

The Power Of Getting Quiet | Elaine Glass

My guest and I are talking about getting quiet, what happens when you get quiet, and the power of getting quiet. When you get quiet, the truth starts rising to the surface. Then it is really about having the courage to see it and take action...

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Unpopular Truth Sessions

Sessions: Unpopular Truth

Are you super nervous about sharing an unpopular truth with someone? Here are some tips to encourage and empower you. Today we are talking about...

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Spiritual Growth By Emma Mildon

Spiritual Growth | Emma Mildon

My guest and I are talking about the spiritual growth process, and what everyone needs to know to feel empowered on this path.  Life is full of experiences and adventures on this path. Knowing what to expect is certainly helpful. Special Guest Emma Mildon This week, I...

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