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Change Maker Sessions

Sessions: Change Maker

Part of being a change maker is being okay with change yourself. We don't get to the truth without changing. Today we are talking about...

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The Rise by Danette May

The Rise | Danette May

The one thing I love is a powerful story of transformation.  I personally know the courage it takes to rise like a phoenix out of the ashes of the old, stand in your truth, and create a new reality in your life. It is one of...

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Quality Digger Sessions

Sessions: Quality Digger

It's so easy in this busy world to have quality drop off. Can we create consistently with quality by being a quality digger? Today we are talking about...

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So You Think You’re Intuitive? by Natalie Miles

So You Think You’re Intuitive? | Natalie Miles

I have been thinking a lot about this year and what I would like to claim for myself this year. The intuitive answer that keeps coming is – the ability to receive. It is easy as a healer and coach to have giving be ever present,...

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Maybe It’s Not You Sessions

Sessions: Maybe It’s Not You

In my sessions with clients, it often comes up that we are personalizing things that aren't personal. Maybe it's not you. Today we are talking about...

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Making A Powerful Choice by Michelle Mcglade

Making A Powerful Choice | Michelle McGlade

Making a powerful choice immediately shifts energy.  We create change in the matrix when we choose our lives moment by moment intentionally.  In this podcast, we  dive into why this happens and how choice can change your life in the most beautiful ways. Business owner turned...

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Who’s Your Tribe Sessions

Sessions: Who’s Your Tribe?

You want to fill as many of your hours as you can with positive, high frequency energy and information. Having a good tribe will help that! Today we are talking about your tribe and...

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Herbal Remedies by Jane Barlow

Herbal Remedies | Jane Barlow

Nature is our greatest healer, and herbal remedies are a gift from our plant life to us. Oh goodness, I am excited to introduce my guest, Jane Barlow of Barlow Herbals. Barlow Herbals doesn’t just create herbals; they created the process, and they create with love....

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Signs From Spirit Sessions

Sessions: Signs From Spirit

When you are in the middle of a big transformation you can find help by tuning in to the signs from spirit that are all around you. Today we are talking about...

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Post Birth Control Syndrome by Dr. Jolene Brighten

Post Birth Control Syndrome | Dr. Jolene Brighten

One year ago, I had no idea what Post Birth Control Syndrome was. I was not even sure what exactly happens in women’s bodies when they are on birth control, and I was on it for two decades of my life.  I believe that information...

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