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real talk session shanna lee

Sessions: Real Talk

Today we want to talk about 'Real Talk'. I want to start with some real talk about what I have experienced. I wanted to share it because everything we go through in life, there are lessons and it is valuable. Even the most difficult things...

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cool new things mitch and chelsea

Cool New Things | Chelsea & Mitch

Do you reach for that third cup of coffee after lunch? Jittery, anxious, and overstressed at work? There’s a better way! Your holistic health—it’s those little foundational habits you choose throughout your day to support your sense of wellbeing. There’s no magic pill for afternoon crashes, but...

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get up and going shanna lee

Sessions: Get Up and Get Going

Today we want to talk about 'What I learned this year'. This is the get-up and going episode. You need some energy and momentum in our lives. In this episode, I want to give you some tips on how to build momentum. You can still send...

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no more glasses

No More Glasses | Jake Steiner

What if you could see through your own eyes again? Conventional medicine might tell you to wear corrective eyewear. Or worse, surgery! But Jake Steiner tells a different story. Like a lot of American kids, Jake grew up in glasses—and we’re talking the heavy-duty thick-lensed variety. But...

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the 3 magical keys shanna lee

Sessions: The 3 magical Keys

Today we want to talk about 'The 3 magical Keys'.  Have you ever heard about the 3 magical keys? These are the 3 keys of reflect, expand and grow. I also invite you to The Soul Frequency Experience! Go to You can still send in your...

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into the nothing dr gabriel cousens

Into the Nothing | Dr. Gabriel Cousens

How can we work to unite humanity in the face of worldwide suffering? Align with destiny and leave ego at the door! Decide to walk in peace and love. During my first spiritual awakening, I discovered the work of Dr. Gabriel Cousens. He's a pioneer of holistic...

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are you craving more shanna lee

Sessions: Are you craving more?

 Today we want to talk about 'Are you craving more?'. We gotta talk about this. About the idea of craving more. This is something that has called to me my whole entire life. Dive into this session with me if you want to know more...

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jasmin jenkins

The Four Invitations of Grief | Jasmin Jenkins

The grief that follows loss can be overwhelming. How can we heal and move forward in love and light? Jasmin Jenkins invites you to take a compassionate approach to your grief—one of kindness and curiosity. Pause. Take a breath. Tune into what you’re feeling. After losing her brother...

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shanna lee dealing with uncertainty

Sessions: Dealing with Uncertainty

Today we want to talk about 'Dealing with Uncertainty'. This is a major topic we have to talk about. Uncertainty is usually connected to something 'not good'. If I don't feel certain I don't feel good. And because the frequencies are shifting so rapidly in...

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DNA upgrades shanna lee

DNA Upgrades | Shanna Lee

Are you afraid of shining your light? I invite you to step into soul freedom in 2021. Surrounded by a sea of negativity, it’s more important than ever that we lightworkers feel cradled by a supportive community. To feel grounded. To feel connected. To feel in...

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