evolved men

Sessions: Evolved Men

We are in a time of great change, shifting of roles, and awakening - with a lot coming up for everybody. It is possible for you find your own flow, and make a choice to be a balanced person. Today we are talking about...

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the power of getting quiet

65: The Power Of Getting Quiet | Elaine Glass

My guest and I are talking about getting quiet, what happens when you get quiet, and the power of getting quiet. When you get quiet, the truth starts rising to the surface. Then it is really about having the courage to see it and take action...

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Unpopular Truths

Sessions: Unpopular Truths

Are you super nervous about sharing an unpopular truth with someone? Here are some tips to encourage and empower you. Today we are talking about...

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the spiritual growth process

64: Spiritual Growth | Emma Mildon

My guest and I are talking about the spiritual growth process, and what everyone needs to know to feel empowered on this path.  Life is full of experiences and adventures on this path. Knowing what to expect is certainly helpful. Special Guest Emma Mildon This week, I...

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healing from betrayal - topic on The Soul Frequency Show

Healing From Betrayal | The Soul Frequency Show #62

Have you ever felt utterly betrayed?  Like the rug was pulled out from underneath you?  And you weren’t sure which way to turn?  Well, my guest today shares some powerful thoughts and the steps to healing from betrayal and moving forward powerfully. Did you know that...

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Energy Aligned Design

Energy Aligned Design | The Soul Frequency Show #61

In this podcast, we are going to be talking about energy aligned design for your home. It will help you really understand how your home is impacting your life. We'll share some quick fixes you can do to bring your home, and in turn your...

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