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From Stuck To Transformed Sessions

Sessions: From Stuck To Transformed

Understanding the process of how you go from stuck to transformed will empower you, so I made a framework by putting names to the steps that everyone goes through. Today we are talking about...

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Human Design by Erin Claire Jones

Human Design | Erin Claire Jones

This year on the show we are diving into knowing ourselves better, that includes our human design. I am right along with you on this journey, sharing the ins and outs of discovery.  The coolest thing is that there is no end to the process...

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Tarot For The Wild Soul by Lindsay Mack

Tarot For The Wild Soul | Lindsay Mack

I am super fascinated by card decks and all of the various readings you can get using a deck of cards as a spiritual tool.  We have talked a bit about this on the show and today we are going deeper.  It is amazing all...

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What Am I Running From Sessions

Sessions: What Am I Running From?

The things we are running from in life, and the times we run from the truth are super important to look at, even though it is uncomfortable and challenging. Today we are talking about...

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Money And Spirituality by Ryan Yokome

Money and Spirituality | Ryan Yokome

We have talked about the topic of money a few times on this show, and the money episodes are some of the most downloaded episodes on the show. This one about money and spirituality is really great!  Raising our frequency around money can be one...

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Insecurity Sessions

Sessions: Insecurity

This is something everyone has dealt with. Once we find the root of the insecurity, we can get some movement away from the problem. Today we are talking about...

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Instant Manifestations by Sarah Prout

Instant Manifestations | Sarah Prout

If you were to ask most people, they probably have a list either on paper or in their heads of their dream manifestations.  I know I certainly have a manifestations list. Since I am about always expanding my vision, especially since Natalie Miles in the...

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Got Self-Sabotage Sessions

Sessions: Got Self-Sabotage?

We have to call ourselves out. We have to open the door to do a self-check and get to the truth of self-sabotage. Today we are talking about...

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Know Thyself by Peter Roth

Know Thyself | Peter Roth

There are so many ways to know thyself, and we are going to dive into these ways this year on the show.  The coolest part about the journey inwards is that we resonate with different tools, learning, and practices at different times. I remember when I...

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