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How To Stop Stressing By Megan Buer

How To Stop Stressing | Megan Buer

‘Tis the season of snowmen, snowflakes….and stress? It is a merry and happy time of year and yet, there can be some real stressors. Lets face it, stress is impacting us every day of the year in more ways than we probably realize. Let's learn...

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Illness As A Teacher By Ryan And Teddy Sternagel

Illness As A Teacher | Ryan and Teddy Sternagel

Throughout life, we will have many teachers that cross our path. Some that will make us feel like we are unstoppable and others that will push our buttons. But our life’s teachers are not only the people that cross our path; they are the things...

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Bio-Individuality And Quantum Biology By Teri Cochrane

Bio-Individuality And Quantum Biology | Teri Cochrane

We are talking all about bio-individuality and quantum biology. To break these words down into simple terms, we are talking about the uniqueness of each individual and how the conversion of energy in the human body works to create better health and the latest science...

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Defying Age By Erin Nielsen

Defying Age | Erin Nielsen

This conversation was so much fun! We talk all about aging and, more importantly, how we can start defying age by doing great things to take care of our bodies.   Wouldn’t it be cool to keep the life experience and wisdom yet turn the clock...

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Redefining The Holidays By Shanna Lee

Redefining The Holidays | Shanna Lee

The holidays are here! If that thought stresses you out, let me tell you how I found joy by redefining the holidays. And I am so grateful for this time of year.  I like to take this day as an opportunity to review all that I...

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Mind Body Spirit – Skin Health By Dr. Michelle Jeffries

Mind Body Spirit – Skin Health | Dr. Michelle Jeffries

C-a-n-c-e-r. Hearing those words stops time.  When I was diagnosed with skin cancer on the bridge of my nose, I was in disbelief.  How could this happen?  What now? I didn’t realize at the time that the skin is an outward reflection of our inner states.  I...

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Dirty Frequencies By Nicolas Pineault

Dirty Frequencies | Nicolas Pineault

Is it possible to have a WiFi allergy?  Today’s topic is possibly one of the most fascinating topics.  We are talking about dirty frequencies, which exist all around us, but cannot be heard, seen or touched. Listen up!  These frequencies are not the high vibe feel...

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Heavy Metal Detox By Wendy Myers

Heavy Metal Detox | Wendy Myers

Have you ever reached the point where you said to yourself, “I just don’t feel good?"  Maybe there was nothing that you could exactly put your finger on, but you just felt tired and blah. Maybe you weren’t sleeping well and your metabolism felt like...

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Becoming A Healer By Amy Stark

Becoming A Healer | Amy Stark

What exactly does the term “healer” mean? Certainly, there are many forms of healing and many modalities for healing. It can be said that each individual who works in a healing capacity does it in his or her own special way. They bring their own...

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Food And Mood By Autumn Smith

Food And Mood | Autumn Smith

What are you eating?  How are you feeling?  I have come to realize that these two questions have a correlation.  Not because I conducted an actual study, although there are many; but because I have experienced this first hand, and so have the people in...

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