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Energy Frequency Upgrade Sessions

Sessions: Energy Frequency Upgrade

We are in a time when we can have an energy frequency upgrade, and we can do it in a number of ways. Today we are talking about… How you can upgrade with another’s energy How it is unfolding on the planet The role of death...

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Invisible Illness by Harper Spero

Invisible Illness | Harper Spero

This episode is all about the power of what we can’t see…Invisible illness. Someone you may encounter at the grocery store may look well on the outside, but may struggle with infertility. Your neighbor across the street may have been recently diagnosed with cancer, but hasn’t...

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Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening Sessions

Sessions: Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening

We are waking up at faster and faster levels, and that process is chaotic. There has to be something in our life that jolts us awake, and that's one of the signs of a spiritual awakening. Today we are talking about… How to know if you...

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Changing Negative Thoughts To Positive Sessions

Sessions: Changing Negative Thoughts To Positive

The creation equation - how we create everything in our life - begins with what we think, our thoughts. A lot of people don't know how to change their negative thoughts to positive. Today we are talking about… The power of thoughts The percentage of thoughts...

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The Food Revolution by Ocean Robbins

The Food Revolution | Ocean Robbins

Our energies are affected by what we choose to eat, and the standard American diet leaves us feeling like zombies! “Eating healthy” isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and it’s certainly not the latest fad diet! Are you ready for The Food Revolution? It’s actually a process of...

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Healthy Cleansing Tips Sessions

Sessions: Healthy Cleansing Tips

I think of cleansing as a way to open up our energetic systems, and weight loss is a side effect to that. Here are some healthy cleansing tips that I have personally used and shared with clients. Today we are talking about… How to know if...

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Our Story by Travis And Shanna

Our Story | Travis and Shanna

Partnership is always possible—and it’s the result of healing what’s in the way of it. In fact, partnership is our deepest truth as human beings. We can’t do this alone! All of us want to share honestly, with open hearts and minds—and we’re all made for...

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Protecting Your Creations Sessions:

Sessions: Protecting Your Creations

Protecting your creations is so, so important. Your contribution is unique. No one else can serve in the same way that you can. It is vital to protect the gift that you are. Today we are talking about… How to create energetic momentum with new things ...

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Fifth Dimensional Healing by Kimberly Meredith

Fifth Dimensional Healing | Kimberly Meredith

This is an extra special episode about fifth dimensional healing. In fact, it’s so special that I decided to do something I’ve never done before, which is to release this podcast episode on a Saturday. I couldn’t keep it quiet, and I can’t wait to share this...

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