Skin Detox By Dr. Anne Marie Fine

Skin Detox | Dr. Anne Marie Fine

In this age of information about living a healthier lifestyle, we are quick to focus on our food, and all that goes into our bodies.  Important? Yes, absolutely!  What tends to get less attention is what goes ON our bodies in the form of lotions, make-up, shampoo, conditioner, perfume, toothpaste, and even laundry detergents and fabric softeners. You might need a skin detox.

It turns out we better start paying attention to these personal care products. We tend to use them daily, and you will be surprised to know that there is very little regulation on the manufacturing of these products.

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You may think they seem relatively harmless.  After all, we are not ingesting them; but they are interacting with and being absorbed by our largest organ and protective barrier, our skin.

It is time, right here and right now, to start paying attention to a few key chemicals to avoid.

We need to start seeking out clean alternatives to our favorite products because it matters.  I must warn you that it might shock you, or at the very least, annoy you to find out that the products you are using may be causing a break down in your health. They can be a contributing factor to things like weight gain, possible autoimmune conditions, and at the very least, increase your toxic load.  My guest is about to shine the light on toxicity and how it is affecting us, why detoxing is so important, and how we can make simple changes to our products to help maintain our health.

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My guest today is Dr. Anne Marie Fine, a practicing physician, who specializes in environmental medicine. She’s an award-winning researcher, #1 international bestselling author, and highly sought after national and international speaker based in Newport Beach, California. Dr. Fine is the Founder and CEO of Fine Natural Products, LLC, a company dedicated to formulating non-toxic anti-aging beauty products. Her unique expertise in environmental medicine and skin care product formulation has enabled her to combine epigenetics and environmental medicine to permit genes to express their quintessential beauty quotient.  Dr. Fine’s passion is to formulate elegant, eco-conscious, anti-aging skin care products that are pure and highly effective.  Her products, books, articles, and lecture topics represent her lifelong commitment to unlocking both the secrets and the science of aging beautifully.

In this podcast episode…

Dr. Anne Marie gets to the truth about toxicity in products, shares exactly what what the ingredient “fragrance”, means, and how you can protect yourself from toxins.   She shares about her free guide Dr. Fine’s Toxic 10, which will give you the top ingredient names to watch out for.

Dr. Anne Marie gets to the truth about toxicity in products, shares exactly what is in the ingredient “fragrance” and how you can do a skin detox.

Click here to download Dr. Fine’s Toxic 10  – Top Personal Product Toxicant Sheet.

You can find out more about Dr. Anne Marie Fine’s work on her website.

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