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Share your Message | Natasha Zo

Healers and empaths can tend to shy away from sharing their message and their beautiful vulnerability. But that’s exactly their gift to the world! When I first began my journey of following my calling, I found it overwhelming and scary – “What, talk about THAT part of my life? I am not sure about that!”

This episode of The Soul Frequency Show Podcast is all about being brave (you can’t be brave without being scared, right?) and stepping forward into your gifts.

My very own PR agent, Natasha Zo, joins me on the show today to encourage you to share your wisdom with the world. She’s a journalist, digital marketer, and PR agent. Natasha has a heart for people, and she works with spiritually driven entrepreneurs to get their message out there.

Someone needs to hear YOUR message. Let’s clear those blocks that keep you out of the light! Listen to this episode to learn more.



What you’ll find inside this conversation…

  • Breaking free from spiritual shyness – your message was given to you for a reason!
  • Fear and illusion holding you back?
  • Moving out of vague and into your personal story…
  • Why is PR important for spiritual entrepreneurs, too?
  • Podcasts, interviews and magazines? Oh, my!


More resources for your high-vibe life…

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