Receive a shift in your vibrational frequency and have Shanna Lee tune-in and provide intuitive insights. A shift in your soul frequency attracts new helpful people and experiences into your reality naturally.

Shanna will delve deeply into the life areas of your choosing such as:

  • Finding your purpose
  • Big life choices
  • Personal relationships
  • Meeting the right partner
  • Financial abundance
  • Creating Fulfillment
  • Accessing your Truth
  • Having more clarity
  • Being more confident
  • And more!

You will access greater Truth within and feel a sense of clarity and confidence to take your desired actions.

Shanna will be by your side guiding you.  She will help you create a powerful intention to manifest your desires. A shift in vibrational frequency allows for greater peace, love and fulfillment.  (50 minutes)

Intuitive Frequency Healing Session – 50 Minutes


“Shanna has transformed my life, period. She has been instrumental in taking my business to the next level by helping me to overcome my fears and reach beyond my small thinking mentality. – Kendall Zundel

“Shanna is an angel on earth and working with her has changed my life. – Kamilah Marshall

Her intuition and wisdom of experience make her the most sensitive, generous, compassionate and challenging teacher I’ve ever had the privilege from which to learn. – Shoshana Bean

Shanna continues to inspire and teach me, and I would highly recommend her to any woman desiring to live her best life!” – Amber Susa Jewett

“Thank you Shanna for showing me a different way to live! Xoxox” – Laurie Weisneiwski