Intuitive Business Guidance

Intuitive business guidance takes the guesswork out of creating or growing your business in alignment with your Truth. Your business grows as you grow. The Soul Frequency method blends both traditional business and marketing strategy with creating a shift in your vibrational frequency to assure continual and sustained expansion.

Request consult on:

  • Business growth strategy
  • Formation of your mission or business
  • Opportunities that will increase revenue and visibilty
  • Hiring strategy and creation of a team
  • Business resources and recommendations
  • Making the transition from employee to entrepreneur
  • The creation of systems and streamlined processes

Receive powerful intuitive insights about your business and specific action steps that will contribute to your formation and/or growth.

Consult with Shanna Lee via phone on strategy, implementation, anything that may be hindering growth or fulfillment, and create a solid path to greater success and fulfillment.     

The Intuitive Business Coaching Session is both practical and inspirational and will be a powerful catalyst for founders as they grow their mission in the world.  (50 minutes)

Intuitive Business Coaching Session - 50 Minutes


“I have increased my revenue by 50% since I started working with Shanna!!! I feel AMAZING and I am so excited to continue on this journey with her. – Amy Imer

I have never felt so good in my business! I have better systems and less stress than ever before. I spend more time with my family and we keep hitting new milestones ahead of schedule. – Stacy Heil

I am so grateful for Shanna’s guidance.  She helped me find my purpose and gave me the confidence to manifest it.  It is the most gratifying thing I have ever accomplished. – Arielle Grey

“After a lifetime of ups and downs in business, I have finally found my stride. Thank you, Shanna for your insights and your loving guidance.  I would not be where I am without you.” – Jillian Holmes

“Shanna has given and given to my business.  She truly cares and is so smart and resourceful.  Her guidance is always right on.  I trust her word and her methods implicity.” – Ronda Hill

“I am thrilled with what you have done to my business.  You are the best thing that ever happened to my revenue and my marketing systems.  Q4 is looking fantastic!” – Katy Kaplan