Prepare to clear trauma, unsupportive beliefs, programming, fear, and the opinions of others. Life is seeking to be manifested through you.  Your energy will shift so you can experience a greater abilty to manifest the future you want!

Shanna will show you:

  • Current life patterns that are hindering joy and fulfillment
  • How to release those patterns so you can feel free
  • How you unconsciously limit yourself
  • How to change unconscious negative beliefs
  • A new way to perceive yourself and life that supports your greatest purpose

You’ll discover how all things are created in your life and how to purposely create the health, relationships, career, and abundance you desire.

Learn how to change your personal soul frequency and resonate at the energy of the things you most desire to attract them into your life.

How Do I know If I Have Energy Blocks?

  • If you have strong fears in any area of your life, there are blocks and you cannot access your full potential
  • If you are in a pattern of losing or feel like you don’t deserve to be happy or if you feel like you can’t achieve your goals, you have blocks that are holding you in a low frequency energy pattern
  • If your income level is consistently less than you desire or you can’t seem to earn above a certain level or it seems like money slips through your fingers, there are blocks to your prosperity
  • If you feel like you end up in the same type of relationships that lack the love, respect, communication and trust that you desire, there are blocks creating repetitive low frequency patterns

Shanna Lee will guide you through a process to clear the unconcious energy blocks that are holding you back from living the life you came here to live.

This session will help you move forward powerfully and give you a new sense of freedom! (50 minutes)

Clearing Energy Blocks Session - 50 Minutes


“I have been through every therapy process possible and never experienced the healing power of energy movement nor understood the power of stagnant energy in our bodies, physical & emotional. I am forever grateful for Shanna and her generosity of her whole heart. She believes in you enough for two until you believe in yourself.” – Leslie Harrington

“She has this unique ability to listen intently then give me great advice.” – Lauren Pittman

“Some of the conversations we’ve had and advice she’s given me has inspired change in me and has made a huge positive impact in my life. – Dana Grant

“When I first started working with Shanna; I was very much stuck in a rut. Building my business had become first and the joy in my life had certainly taken a back seat. It was a frightening reality and I knew she was spot on. Immediately after Shanna shed light on this, things began to shift.” – Dr. Sheila Kilbane

Her sense of humor, and compassion give her the ability to cut through the internal noise, and get right to the heart of what REALLY matters.” – Allison August