Sessions: What You Hang Around You Become

You’ve probably heard it before, but today on The Soul Frequency I wanted to discuss how our vibe attracts our tribe. You can probably recall your parents telling you, “what you hang around you become”. I remember hearing this and feeling frustrated, but after becoming an adult, and going through my awakening, I understand it fully.

When we are on a journey to a higher frequency, the people around us may struggle with the changes we are making because they are comfortable, and they are used to us being comfortable too. In this conversation we talk about the questions we must ask ourselves about the people in our lives, and if they are serving our soul missions. We discuss if it’s possible to bring these people on our spiritual journeys, and how we can invite new people into our lives that are more connected to who we are and who we want to become.

If you are on your spiritual journey, thinking of starting or just wish to reflect, then listen to the episode below.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:24) Introducing today’s episode, What You Hang Around You Become.
(03:22) Making the choice to make a change.
(05:05) Is it possible to bring people on your spiritual journey?
(07:45) Inviting new people into your life.
(11:00) The Soul Frequency Experience mini circle.

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