Sessions: Unplug For A Day

There are some days when it’s quiet, and the energy feels mellow, and it just feels like a day to unplug. There are energetic times when we feel we must let everything go. This episode of The Soul Frequency is all about the importance of having a day to yourself, in your own energy, without tending to the needs of other people.

In this conversation, I talk about the importance of recharging your battery, the difference between being unplugged and simply having a day off work, and how to fill the space unplugging brings.

Lastly, join me for a guided visualization to help you unplug for the day.

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode and I’ll see you back here next week.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:23) Today is a day to unplug.
(02:03) Recharge your battery.
(03:23) A day off work is not the same as unplugging.
(04:14) Filling the space around you.
(05:37) Guided visualization to help you unplug.

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