Sessions: Timeline Shifts

Most of us believe our lives have a set path. We create these pathways and then sometimes all of a sudden we’re on a different road. Something shifted and took us to another place. This episode of The Soul Frequency is all about timeline shifts and the true value they hold.

Though these changes can, of course, be destabilizing, these shifts are helping us become more multi-dimensional. The more connected we are to our soul self, the more our soul will move us — emotionally, physically, and spiritually. These timeline shifts are teaching us to disconnect from the belief that there is one laid path for us and instead take us to where we are needed.

The idea of having a set path actually keeps us from our set path. So today’s conversation is all about surrendering.

Thanks, lovelies. I’ll see you here next week.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:24) Introducing today’s episode, Timeline Shifts.
(02:31) Becoming more multi-dimensional.
(05:28) Surrendering to not having a path.
(08:15) Going where you’re needed.

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