Sessions: The Things I Have Never Shared

2024 really feels like a spiritually powerful year. It feels like the things we experience this year will shape who we are in a multitude of ways and profoundly set a path forward for our lives. The change of the year got me thinking about life experiences and the templates they set for us.

So, today’s episode of The Soul Frequency is a collection of stories I’ve never shared and the lessons they taught me. I start by talking about overcoming the thoughts and feelings that haunt us and how we can ask our guides and angels for direction. I then discuss uncomfortable choices, owning our truth, and how we must surrender to what is going on in our lives. Lastly, I discuss the templates that set our futures and all the lessons these stories have taught me.

I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy this session. I’ll see you all here next week.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:25) A profoundly powerful year.
(02:23) Death rebirth cycle.
(05:40) Being aware of our whole life experience.
(08:55) The thoughts and feelings that haunt us.
(10:35) Ask your guides and angels.
(12:06) Uncomfortable choices and owning truths.
(18:40) Surrendering.
(21:35) Waiting for an opening.
(23:58) Templates for the future.
(26:03) Lessons.

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