Sessions: The Missing Piece

Whenever something feels out of reach, whether it is a healing journey, or a relationship journey, I always ask myself what it is I’m missing. What don’t I understand? Where do I need to go to get answers, or to come to peace with this? Today on The Soul Frequency I discuss these questions and this feeling through the lens of my own life.

I wanted to talk to you guys about a journey I have been on to heal a neck injury I suffered a few years ago. Having been a dancer and a cheerleader when I was younger, I never stopped to consider my limitations. It wasn’t until my neck injury that I learned to be grateful for my body and what it can do. Though I felt so emotional and lost, it was during this time that I began my business and progressed on my spiritual journey. It’s important to remember that life and its lessons are nonlinear, and are often not apparent until you’ve lived through them.

In this episode I talk about who we become on the road to a destination, and how important it is to trust your intuition and to reflect on how you have progressed.

“If you keep believing, keep knowing, and keep walking forward, your wisdom grows, and that wisdom is valuable not only to your life, but to those people you love, and whomever you decide to share it with.”

If you feel like something is missing in your life, or you just feel like you’re on a journey you don’t yet understand, you may find something powerful in this week’s episode.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:23) Introducing today’s episode, The Missing Piece.
(03:17) Who we become when we are progressing.
(05:50) A story from my life, and how the emotional affects the physical.
(13:00) Past lives seeping into present day, and following your intuition.
(17:10) Creating during difficult times.
(19:45) How the universe is there for you, and learning to express gratitude.

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