Sessions: The Importance of Artistry

Reflecting on a visit to Hearst Castle as a child, I remembered how I marveled at the artistry and how strong the energy of the people who built and designed the castle felt. It made me realize that artistry was once so deeply rooted in passion and history and that we don’t value it in the same way now. We don’t build things to last long enough to tell a story anymore. So, this week’s episode of The Soul Frequency is about the importance of keeping artistry and its roots in history alive.

I discuss how energetic artistic spaces feel, how we can learn so much about the time they were built through them, and the importance of championing artistry before asking what we want to leave behind so that 100 years from now, the people on the planet can understand life at this time.

I hope you find some inspiration in today’s episode, and I’ll see you here next week.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:23) Asking for a reminder.
(01:56) The inspiration behind today’s episode, The Importance of Artistry.
(03:24) Feeling the passion in artistic spaces.
(05:35) How we have moved away from artistry as a passion.
(07:28) How artistry is healing and how to nurture it.
(09:38) Championing artistry and its legacy.

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