Sessions: The Empath-Narcissist Relationship

As high-vibe and spiritual people, most of us are empaths. Here at The Soul Frequency, I’ve noticed that empaths have often been in, or are currently in, a relationship with a narcissist. In today’s episode, I wanted to discuss empath and narcissist relationships, and what is happening energetically during them.

In this episode, I chat through the differences between empaths and narcissists, what attracts them to each other, and what happens when these souls enter into a relationship. I also discuss finding clarity during this time and how to make the best autonomous decisions about ourselves, for ourselves. The people around us so often impact the choices we make, so today’s episode is all about finding clarity and stepping into our life-force energy.

If you feel called to this episode then know there is something in it for you. This is your assurance that there is some important work to be done. I hope you enjoy the episode below.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:24) Our circle and our choices.
(06:08) What attracts empaths to narcissists?
(09:26) What is happening energetically in empath/narcissist relationships?
(12:57) Finding clarity.

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