Sessions: Stretching Beyond Your Limits

Stretching your limits is all about growth. When we test our ‘limits’ we move what we perceive our limits to be. As we work and grow our limits change. This episode of The Soul Frequency is all about taking our perceived limitations and flipping them on their heads.

In this conversation, I talk about the joy you’ll feel when you stretch your limits and the necessary moments of recharge between expansion and growth. I also talk about the hesitation we often feel, how to get over the feeling that something is impossible, and how to learn what you are capable of.

This episode is all about taking a moment to ask yourself:

What are your limits? Where do you want to stretch? Are you willing to show up?

If you’re interested in stretching your limits, then listen to the episode below.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:23) Introducing today’s episode, Stretching Your Limits.
(01:17) The positive feelings that come from stretching your limits.
(05:52) The necessary moments of recharge.
(07:46) We don’t always understand what we are capable of.
(11:18) Everything is possible.

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