Sessions: Saturn Return and Chiron Return

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the various cycles we navigate through in life and the hidden meanings they hold. So today, I’m excited to dive into the phenomena of Saturn Return and Chiron Return. By getting a handle on these concepts before they roll around, we can make these transitions not only easier but so much more valuable.

I start this conversation by discussing Saturn Returns, when they are, and what we can learn from them before really deep-diving Chiron Returns. I first explain what Chiron Returns are and when we can expect them before discussing the relationship between the signs and house Chiron was in when we were born and the impact this has on our core wounds. I then go through each house and sign and what our core wound may look like depending on them.

The greatest thing the Chiron Return offers is the opportunity to not only heal your core wound but to create the exact opposite of it.

Thanks, lovelies, I’ll see you here next week.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:27) The cycles we move through.
(01:58) The first Saturn Return.
(05:07) Why it’s important to be aware of our life cycles.
(09:45) Chiron Return and core wounds.
(16:20) Knowing the house of your Chiron Return.
(18:50) 1st House and Aries
(21:18) 2nd House and Taurus.
(22:50) 3rd House and Gemini.
(24:28) 4th House and Cancer.
(25:20) 5th House and Leo.
(26:45) 6th House and Virgo.
(28:35) 7th House and Libra.
(29:40) 8th House and Scorpio.
(31:52) 9th House and Sagittarius.
(33:31) 10th House and Capricorn.
(34:52) 11th House and Aquarius.
(36:24) 12th House and Pisces.
(38:51) Embracing and understanding.

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  1. Janet

    In the session Saturn Return and Chiron Return, you reference the podcast about evaluating core wounds. Would you please share with me the name of this podcast. so I may listen to it? I’m currently doing this type of work. Thank you so much!


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