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Today’s episode is all about online dating, and what to manifest when looking for your soul match. A lot of people want to rush through the dating experience and get straight to being with their soulmate, but in this episode we discuss all the lessons we learn along the way, and how dating not only teaches us about others, but about ourselves. Online dating is special in many ways; it allows us to put our vibrations into the world, to connect with other people’s vibrations, and it reminds us of what is out there. Online dating reminds us that we don’t need to stay in unfulfilling relationships, as it allows us to connect with multiple people’s energies simultaneously.

In this episode we talk about overcoming past relationship trauma, manifestation, the importance of letting go of expectation, and what dating can teach us. Dating is a perfect time to let go of your ego mind, and allow divine timing to do its thing.

Whether you’re single, or in a partnership, there is definitely something for you in this episode, so listen below.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:23) Introducing today’s episode, Getting Back Into Dating.
(02:39) Putting yourself out there.
(04:19) Emitting your vibration out into the world.
(06:09) Letting go of expectations.
(08:39) Getting to know yourself.
(12:02) Be vulnerable on the first date.

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