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In life, we are always pursuing the next step. We ask ourselves, where can I go from here? What else can I do? Am I doing enough? Well, this episode of The Soul Frequency is all about acknowledging the work you have done, and asking yourself, ‘what if I have done enough?’

What happens to our energy when we acknowledge the work we have done? What happens when we say, I’ve done my part. I’ve helped in the ways I know how to help. What if I don’t need to do it anymore? This episode is all about this powerful energetic shift, and the power it gives us.

In this conversation, I talk about moments of realness, what we can achieve when we show up to our spiritual calling, asking ourselves if we’ve done enough, and what happens to our energy when we accept the work we have done.

I hope you find something powerful in this week’s episode, and I’ll see you here next week.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:25) Moments of realness.
(02:05) What is possible when you show up.
(04:25) What if you have done enough?
(07:04) What happens to our energy when we accept we have done enough?
(09:31) The Energetic Shift Program.
(11:34) November 9th Sacred Circle.

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