Sessions: Moving Frequency Through Your Body

I’ve recently concluded that the things I move through in my own life are intended as lessons I can share with other people so we can both learn from them. If I hadn’t gone through some physical ailments recently, then I wouldn’t understand the energy or frequency of the body like I do now. So, today on The Soul Frequency, I wanted to share an experience I’ve had so we can all grow from it.

This conversation is all about body energy and what happens when our bodies fall into patterns that block this energy. I start by discussing how our body frequency is connected and what bodywork I find helpful. I then discuss the difference between impeded and unimpeded body flow before finishing up with a conversation on staying conscious of your body when you’re a spiritual person.

I really hope today’s episode resonates with you and you find something helpful in it. I’ll see you here next week.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:24) Introducing today’s episode.
(01:47) Interconnected body frequencies.
(05:50) Bodywork.
(09:16) T.R.E. Therapy.
(11:30) Impeded body flow.
(13:14) Free body flow.
(16:43) Fully conscious in your body.
(19:05) Conclusion.

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